About Us

The Portsmouth Anglers Club, Inc. was founded on February 16, 1966 with 73 members.  In October of 1968 the club became incorporated.  The Club has grown over the past four decades to more than 100 members.  Because the club seeks family participation as well as individual participation, the actual membership is well over 250 anglers.  Portsmouth Anglers Club has been the principal anglers club in Portsmouth for over 49 years and we shall continue to provide a quality angling experience, education, and representation for our members.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Portsmouth Anglers Club, Inc. shall be the promotion of legislation, customs, and practices for the protection, propagation, and conservation of fish and related creatures, of both salt and fresh water, and advancing this usefulness as a source of pleasure to those whose principal recreation in angling.  The Portsmouth Anglers Club, Inc. shall also be concerned with the entertainment and education of its members, and the promotion of good fellowship and true sportsmanship among all anglers.

2018 Officers & Chairmen

President                            Denny Dobbins            dennydobbins13@aol.com

Vice-President                   Steve Parrish

Secretary                            Denise Harrell               cdharrell@cox.net

Treasurer                            Mark Hartung

Prize Fish                             Brian Hartung

Membership                       Rob Jordan                   rtjordan@verizon.net

Web Master                        Rob Jordan                    rtjordan@verizon.net

Newsletter Editor               Rob Jordan                   rtjordan@verizon.net


Contact Information

Portsmouth Anglers Club

P.O. Box 7842

Portsmouth, VA 23707