2015 Sally-T Boat Trip

On July 30, 2015 while fishing from the Head Boat Sally-T children from the following groups:  Tne Step Higher Learning Center in the South Norfolk Section of Chesapeake, Boy Scouts Troop 210 Portsmouth, and the Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office Scared Straight Program.

What made this trip unusual was the number of keeper flounder that were caught.
As the pictures show, the kids caught flounder from 19-inch to 22-inch size.  Lieutenant Lou Williams, PSO’s wife Louise caught her first keeper flounder.  In past trips, we have been fortunate to have one keeper flounder per event, but this trip was exceptional.  See the pictures of the flounder caught, Steve York Marine Police Officer and PAC Member, is shown in the photos’ below and made sure the flounder were of legal size.Sally T1
















We also had a young man named Lavon (9 years old) who is in the fourth grade at Carver Intermediate School, Chesapeake and a participate of the One Step Higher Learning Center directed by Linda Tucci with assistance from Kevin Bruce.  When I interviewed Lavon he informed me that he has been fishing since age 8 and that last year as well as this year he has caught six or more different species of fish to qualify for the Virginia Junior Angler Award Program sponsored by Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament a program of Virginia
Marine Resources Commission.  He has participated in Linda’s program since age four.  Linda and Kevin have both remarked on his desire to fish.   In 2014, Linda had received his certificate signed by the Governor of Virginia and the Director of the Saltwater Fishing Tournament; he also received a maroon hat with the shape of Virginia saying, “Jr. Angler” on it.  She had this presented to him in the presence of his family and others at the ceremony held in his honor.  When I asked him what his favorite past time was he stated, “Fishing and biking”.  I asked him another question which was “What is your favorite fish was to eat?”.  He said, “Tilapia, and he loves to fish from the Head Boat  and the Ocean View Fishing Pier.  Linda and Kevin told me that out of all the children that have been through the program he is more inclined to fish than to stop to eat or use the restroom.   When asked, “What his success has been two years in a row making Junior Award status”; he told me to be patient and you’ll catch fish.  He agrees that practicing CPR (catching, photographing and releasing) is always a good thing.  Director, Denny Dobbins CSP is planning on recognizing him with a special presentation.  Also Officer York presented Lavon a book entitled, “F.I.S.H.” provided by VMRC in recognition of his achievement.

The One Step Higher Learning Center has been in existence since November 2001, and the program deals with children ages 4 to 14.  Linda wants to thank everyone on behalf of her program for allowing her children the opportunity to fish.
“CONGRATULATIONS TO LAVON” for qualifying the 2nd year in a row for the Virginia
Junior Angler Award Program.


Nine Year Old Lavon









Officer Steve York, VMRC Congratulating Lavon









Linda, Lavon and Kevin








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