Welcome to Portsmouth Anglers’ Club

We are one of the premier fishing clubs in Hampton Roads.  Members include some of the best anglers in the area.  Young and old alike, we are a family oriented club that focuses on both salt and fresh water species while promoting conservation and education that will continue our sport for years to come.  We meet on the third Monday of every month for fellowship and education from other members and special guests.  Our meetings are held at the Simonsdale Civic Center, 5006 Vick Street, Portsmouth, VA. at 7 p.m.  Guests are always welcome.  We have a yearly awards banquet, one fish fry, The Hunt for Hardheads Tournament, The Portsmouth Anglers Club Memorial Scholarship Award, The Sunshine Program for children and support several Charities that benefit our local community.  If you are a local angler looking for a club, we have a lot to offer and look forward to meeting you.

Next Meeting is on Monday,  December 16th, 6:00pm. at Simonsdale Civic Center, 5006 Vick Street.

In place of the monthly meeting Portsmouth Anglers Christmas Party will be held on Monday, December 16th starting at 6:00.   
The Club will provide ham, fried chicken, drinks, cups, eating utensils, paper plates, ice and napkins. 
Members are asked to bring a side or dessert to be shared    
Please call Denise Harrell to RSVP at (757) 663-3600
I also need to know the ages and how many children you plan to bring.
We are asking for your RSVP to try and ensure we have enough meat on hand to serve everyone.  We are also asking that you talk to us to discuss what you would like to bring in order to plan the meal and to ensure there are not more desserts than food and to ensure we don’t have so many duplications. 
If you are interested in helping set-up we plan to be there at 3:00 Monday to put up tables and set up the room.
We look forward to this each year and hope you can join us.
Hope to see you there,
Denise Harrell
(757) 663-3600